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Support The Children

And help inspiring education become a reality in Haiti. 

ABOUT Rise Haiti

Year after year, a group of students from the Strategy and International Management (SIM) program at the University of St. Gallen, take on the drivewheel to help achieve Rise Haiti's vision:


Haitian children growing up in a safe, social and supportive environment with a community that grants them everything they need to thrive and actively participate in the continuous rise of Haiti.

This year's goal is divided into four axes:

1. The construction of 2 new classrooms

2. Aid in a school-owned honey production business. 

3. Equipment material for the classrooms and computer lab.

4. Technology workshops to use the materials appropriately. 


How You can help

By donating to our GoFundMe  campaign, help us make their dream reality brick by brick:

Account Name: Rise Haiti

IBAN: CH32 0483 5141 3754 7100 0


Or directly to Rise Haiti's Bank Account