Support The Children

And help improve
the educational infrastructure in Haiti

ABOUT Rise Haiti

Year after year, a group of students from the Strategy and International Management (SIM) program at the University of St. Gallen, take on the drivewheel to help achieve Rise Haiti's vision:


We want to create a future in which all Haitian children have access to high-quality education, which enables them to attain financial security and empower their communities. 

During the year 2019-2020, the team conducted a 3 fold initiative at St. Ignace de Loyola School, Bedou, Haiti:

  • ​3 classrooms were constructed to provide the infrastructure needed for better education.

  • A week-long informatics workshop was conducted for the higher grade students to foster their interest in STEM disciplines.

  • A business workshop was conducted for the administration of the school so that they could capitalise on available commodity sale opportunities and make the school more self-reliant.

The team of the year 2020-2021 (on the left) has already taken over the wheel of the organisation and is actively looking for areas where the biggest impact can be made for the next year.


How You can help

By donating you support the educational opportunities and future of the Haitian children:

CHF Account Name: Rise Haiti

IBAN: CH32 0483 5141 3754 7100 0


EUR Account Name: Rise Haiti

IBAN: CH68 0483 5141 3754 7200 1


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