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First Bakesale week

We are very happy to announce Rise Haiti's first bakesale week – on the 20th and 21st of November 2014!

In order to collect sufficient funds for our on-site projects, which we are going to implement during our trip to Haiti in February 2015, we have organized 2 days of bakesales in the city centre of St Gallen, hometown to our university. In addition to our home-made cookies, we have received the generous donation of the Austrian bakery, Der Bäcker Ruetz.

Here are the dates & venues of our 4 bakesales (this year ;-) ):

Thursday, 20th November:Bärenplatz

Friday, 21st November: Multertor

Saturday, 6th December: Multertor

Saturday, 13th December: Multertor

We would like to invite you all to indulge in the delicious baking goods of Benedict’s family, while supporting our cause to fight the disastrous sanitary situation in Haitian schools.

Let those cookies make everyone smile!

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