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Classrooms are completed!

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

After working on the construction and by the end of our stay in Bedou the classrooms were in a near completion state. To celebrate this big project the school had organised a inauguration ceremony. The team was delighted to be a part of this ceremony and be able to contribute towards the growth of the community. The day started with prayer lead by the Father. The school staff, administration, students and everyone involved in the project attended the ceremony. It was followed by some traditional form of singing and dancing by the students of the school celebrating the Haitian culture. The team also joined them and rejoiced in the moment!

This was followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony for the classrooms. As the classrooms were opened for the students, the Team saw the happy faces of the students and felt grateful to be able to carry out the project and thankful that so many donors/supporters joined our hands in this fruitful effort!

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