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3 Very successful Bake-Sales!

Hello everyone,

To construct 3 classrooms and accommodate at least 150 students, the estimations from our local parter and mediating between our efforts and expectations , our team had set our goal to raise CHF 23,000 to make sure our project leaves a sustainable impact for the Bedou community.

We decided to pursue various methods of fundraising and one of them was bake sales which have proven to be a decent and stable source of income and the best way to reach out to a larger number of people. Over the 3 months from October '19 to December '19 , we organised 3 bake sales in St. Gallen. It is our pleasure to share with everyone that in total we raised CHF 4,940 .

We would like to thank all the people who believed in our cause and contributed towards our piggy-bank! Without the people's support and encouragement we wouldn't have been able to add up this amount.

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