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Rise Haiti is a non-for profit organization that was founded in 2012 by students of the SIM Master program at the University of St. Gallen. The organization's main focus is to improve the living and learning environment of kindergarten and school children in Haiti.


Already in its first year, the organization was able to provide the funds necessary to build an additional classroom for a primary school. In the following year, the project succeeded to support a school with the funds to build a hand-washing facility, countering the lack of hygiene. In the year 2014, the team builds a fully equipped kitchen and computer lab facility along with the IT infrastructure for the children of St.Ignace de Loyola school to take a first step towards the digital world. In 2016, we countered the problem of the lack of sports facilities for the students and built a basketball court, which provided them with emotional relief from everyday hardships and incentives to come to school and study.

The last year's team, SIM16, raised CHF 25.000 and addressed the most pressing needs communicated by the local partner Foi Et Joie and the local school community. In 2019/2020, Rise Haiti has constructed three classrooms for the school of St. Ignace de Loyola in Bedou, enabling >100 children access to education, and organised an IT and business workshop.

We, the SIM17 team of the year 2020/2021, decided to extend our partnership with the St. Ignace de Loyola school in Bedou since it is one of the larger schools in Haiti with more than 700 pupils. We feel that having a reliable partner in the uncertain times of the pandemic is the best way to go and the best way to ensure that we can have the biggest positive impact on the local community. The educational environment of the school is still affected by such challenges as the absence of drinking water or lack of books. Unfortunately, on top of these issues, a new one will soon add up. Starting from September 2022, the support of paying the teachers' salaries will be ceased, and the school will become responsible for the salary payments on its own. This will impact the activity of the school, with the risk of closing. Therefore, we are currently looking for sustainable solutions to tackle this problem, help the school to survive, and provide its students with better educational conditions.